Radiotherapy, radiation therapy and radiation oncology refer to a variety of treatments for cancer, which use high-energy x-rays or proton beams to destroy or damage tumor cells as much as possible, so that the growth of the tumor is halted or slowed down. In some cases, the tumor may disappear completely.

Radiotherapy may be applied as the primary form of cancer treatment, but it is often used after surgery or chemotherapy. Such use of radiotherapy is called adjuvant therapy.

Radiotherapy procedures can be applied in 1 to 40 sessions. One session will affect the tumor for a couple of weeks to months after the treatment. This is why the end goal for this treatment option, which is usually given after surgery or in combination with chemotherapy, is only achieved after several weeks or months of treatment.

The department of Radiation Oncology at Erasmus MC

We at the department of Radiation Oncology at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute are committed to provide the best possible radiotherapy cancer treatments with the highly skilled and experienced physicians and medical staff at the Erasmus MC hospital.

Our radiotherapy treatment options vary from the most common forms to the latest innovative radiation techniques and technologies. The department comprises a very active Intervention Radiotherapy program, and offers innovative treatments such as hyperthermia, brachytherapy, proton therapy, Cyberknife surgery, stereotactic and single vocal cord therapy.

Please visit our Radiotherapy- Innovative Treatment Modules webpage for more information.

More about the department of Radiation Oncology at Erasmus MC

Our Team

In order to ensure that our patients at the department of Radiation Oncology receive the most comprehensive care, we have established a multidisciplinary team of radiation oncologists, internal oncologists, radiologists and medical physicists and technicians who work together to offer an optimal personalized treatment path for each patient.
Our specialist medical staff of 27 professionals are deeply committed to improve the treatment of our patients, creating novel forms of cancer ablation therapies – the vision being to deliver a minute number of treatments with extreme precision, so that patients can return to their normal lives quickly with minimal side effects of the radiation treatment. 

Our Medical Expertise

The Erasmus MC is the largest tertiary care and academic hospital in the Netherlands.

The department of Radiation Oncology at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute is the largest in the country, and serves more than 5,600 new patients each year. Our hospital can proudly offer the services of highly specialized medical professionals for the treatment of complex and rare diseases.

Our department is committed to improving radiotherapy treatments through on-going clinical research and technological innovation. We have a world-class Radiobiology department, which is currently focusing their research on DNA repair mechanisms. Our Radiobiology department was the first to discover that the BRCA protein can be inhibited in its functions with hyperthermia. Our internationally recognized Medical Physics Department leads a strong research program focusing on planning automation and optimization, adaptive radiotherapy with in-room CT imaging, and biological image guided radiotherapy.

Our department has partnered with Leiden and Delft Universities for the development of the Holland PTC proton therapy facility, which is expected to go into operation by summer 2018. We are also linked to numerous European reference networks such as EURACAN (European Reference Network for Rare Cancers).

Affiliated Departments and Expertise Centers

Our department contributes to the overall treatment trajectory of cancer patients, and is therefore closely aligned to:

  • Internal and surgical oncology
  • Brain Tumor Centre
  • Head and Neck Centre
  • Skull Base Centre
  • Academic Breast Cancer Centre

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