Nuclear Medicine: PRRT for Neuro-Endocrine Tumors (NET)

Neuroendocrine tumors comprise a rare class of malignant cancers. These types of tumors generally develop in the small intestine, pancreas of lungs, and tend to produce proteins and hormones which disturb the body’s homeostasis. This leads to a host of complaints in the patient, referred to collectively as carcinoid syndromes.

Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) is used in patients with NET. PRRT refers to the administration of the radioactive protein lutetium octreotate to a patient with NET, in order to destroy tumor cells with precision.

The PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam at Erasmus MC

The PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam is located at the department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine at Erasmus MC. Patients are discussed at multidisciplinary physician meetings attended by endocrinologists, nuclear medicine specialists, oncologists, endocrine surgeons and pathologists.

The staff at the PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam is committed to lengthening and improving the quality of life of patients with NET.

Our center has broad experience with a wide range of patients: we treat approximately 100 patients per year with good results, and 40% of those treated come from abroad. Please feel free to contact us for any disease or disorder related to nuclear medicine and neuroendocrine tumors.


For more information on PRRT and the treatment at the treatment center, please click here. PRRT Treatment

More about Nuclear Medicine and PRRT at Erasmus MC

The first form of PRRT was developed at the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Erasmus MC, and was used here for the first time in humans in 1992. Ever since, more than 5000 therapies have been given to more than 1300 patients, with positive results. Around 40% of the treated patients came from abroad.

The name PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam was given to the specialist department in 2014 with the aim to make this specialist treatment center better known.The staff of the PRRT Treatment Center Rotterdam remains committed to increasing the quality of life of patients with NET. Thanks to our team, patients rate the overall treatment with an 8,9.

Our Medical Expertise

The Erasmus MC was one of the first six European hospitals to receive the “European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society Center of Excellence” certificate in 2009, and was re-awarded in 2013.

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