Head and Neck Cancer Center

Head and neck cancers comprise all malignant tumours between the skull base and clavicles. These tumours and their treatment may affect the vital functions such as breathing, swallowing and speech, all of which can detrimentally affect the quality of life.

Why choose for treatment at the Head and Neck Cancer Centre at Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands?

The Erasmus MC is the largest tertiary care and academic hospital in the Netherlands. The treatment of head and neck cancer in the Netherlands is done in specialized centres. Our Head and Neck Cancer Centre is the largest of the Netherlands : around 20% of all head and neck patients in the Netherlands are treated at the Erasmus MC. Our hospital can proudly offer the services of highly specialized medical professionals for the treatment of complex and rare diseases.

What we do at the Head and Neck Cancer Centre at Erasmus MC

We at the Head and Neck Cancer Centre are committed to fulfil your needs regarding treatments of all malignant tumours between the skull base and clavicles, with the highly skilled and experienced physicians and medical staff at the hospital.

We treat :

  • Cancers of the head and neck areas
  • Lip, nose, mouth, skin, throat, tongue, salivary gland, vascular, glomus, ear tumours
  • All other tumours between the skull base and the clavicles

Of course, you can always contact us for any disease or disorder related to the head and neck area!


Head and Neck cancer can be treated with radiotherapy, combined with surgery or chemotherapy. Our surgeons main goal statement is “first time right” surgery. We also offer minimally invasive approaches for all surgical procedures in the head and neck area. Our team works to find the technique or combination of techniques that will offer you the greatest the highest chances of recovery and return to normal life.

Radiation Therapy

Our radiation oncologists have the expertise and experience on the latest radiotherapy techniques. Along with conventional radiotherapeutic procedures, we offer :

  • Brachytherapy (very localized internal radiation therapy) In case of nasal and lip cancer, we may offer brachytherapy. With this modality, a high dose of radiation is given on the tumour site and the surrounding tissue is spared.
  • Single Vocal Cord therapy  We are the only centre offering “single vocal cord radiotherapy” in case of cancer of the vocal cord.
  • Cyberknife If stereotactic radiotherapy is needed, patients are treated with the Cyberknife.
  • Proton Therapy Proton therapy is an efficacious way to apply a high dose of radiation to small areas, without too much collateral damage to neighbouring tissues.

For extensive information on radiation therapy options at the Erasmus MC, please visit our Radiation Oncology page.

Hyperthermia collars

We have an unique hyperthermia collar with which we have very promising results in patients with recurrent tumours.

Head and Neck Cancer Centre Follow-up Care

All head and neck patients are scheduled for several follow-up appointments, including post-operative check-up and surveillance. In addition, we provide various support services, such as rehabilitation and speech therapy. In collaboration with (inter)national patient organisations, we ensure that each patient also receives proper follow-up and support system.

More about the Head and Neck Cancer Centre at Erasmus MC

Our Team

To ensure that our patients receive the most comprehensive care, we have established a multidisciplinary team of head and neck surgeons, oral maxillo-facial surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, dentists, microvascular reconstructive surgeons, interventional radiologists, pathologists and dermatologists, who collaborate together with the mutual goal of determining and implementing the optimal personalized treatment path for each patient. Our close cooperation results in our motto: “let the best (wo)man do the job”.

Our Medical Expertise

The Erasmus MC’s Head and Neck Cancer Centre is unique in its size and offers a diverse set of treatment options which aim to preserve as many of the vital functions as possible. We are proud to treat patients with special technologies such as the single vocal cord radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and Cyberknife therapy.

The Erasmus Medical Centre/Holland Proton Therapy Centre will be the first treatment centre in the Netherlands to offer proton therapy as a cancer treatment. We are proud to offer patients from all over the world access to this new cancer treatment option. Our treatment protocols have been validated by the national Dutch Alliance/ Coalition for Head and Neck Tumours (NWHHT) and are regularly updated according to new evidence, institutional experiences and continuous research.

The Head and Neck Cancer Centre is recognised by the NFU (the Dutch Federation for University Medical Centres) as one of the centres for rare diseases in the Netherlands and is an active member of EURACAN (European Reference Network for Rare Cancers).

Throughout the years we have established intensive collaboration with other healthcare establishments and patient organisations within Europe, for both patient care and research purposes. Our goal is to improve your quality of life by providing the highest quality treatment in a caring environment.

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