Groin injuries

The Erasmus MC’s Center for Groin Injuries was founded to offer a high quality diagnostic assessment and advise professional and recreational athletes about the best treatment options for them.

Groin injuries occur frequently in sports, especially those that involve rapid changes of direction and kicking. They are often considered challenging to treat, and tend to remain unresolved for long periods of time. There can be confusion about the correct diagnosis and the best treatment.

Why choose for treatment at the Center for Groin Injuries at Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands?

The Erasmus MC is the largest tertiary care and academic hospital in the Netherlands. The Center for Groin Injuries is an academic institution and offers a specialized and multidisciplinary approach for patients with groin injuries. Sports medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons, general surgeons and radiologists work together to offer the best possible advice and treatment. Our center has expertise to treat both professional athletes and physically active people who play sports for leisure.

What we do at the center for groin injuries at Erasmus MC

We at the Center for Groin Injuries are committed to give a proper diagnosis and treatment of groin injuries and groin pain in athletes with the highly skilled and experienced physicians and medical staff at the Erasmus MC hospital. Not only do we have vast experience in treatment and diagnosis; all of our team members are also involved in scientific research on the subject of groin injuries. This enables us to implement the latest scientific findings into our clinical practice.

We treat

  • Adductor-related groin pain (also called adductor tendinopathy / enthesiopathy)
  • Inguinal-related groin pain (also called sports hernia, sportsman’s hernia, inguinal disruption)
  • Iliopsoas-related groin pain
  • Pubic-related groin pain (also called osteitis pubis)
  • Hip-related groin pain – which includes femora-acetabular impingement syndrome (FAI-S), labral tear and chondral/cartilage injury to the hip.

Of course, you can always contact us for any type of groin pain or injury due to sports or heavy physical activity.


Our treatments include rehabilitation programs as well as endoscopic and arthroscopic surgery.

State-of-the-art rehabilitation programs and advice

We offer advice on how to rehabilitate all types of groin pain. Both acute and long-standing groin pain can usually be treated with rehabilitation. Good rehabilitation depends on having a correct diagnosis and an assessment to determine which elements should be focused on. We can tailor rehabilitation programs to differing levels of sport, from the elite professional to recreational athletes. In cases of long-standing adductor-related groin pain, manual therapy administered by Dr. Weir may yield additional positive results.

We have been involved in a number of scientific studies on the best way to rehabilitate groin injuries in athletes.

Endoscopic surgery for inguinal-related groin pain (sometimes called sport’s hernia)

In cases where rehabilitation does not help bring you back to your desired level of sport an endoscopic repair of the inguinal region can be performed by one of our general surgeons. A mesh repair device can be inserted into the inguinal canal region to reinforce it. This “TEP” mesh technique can help to get you back to playing sport again. We have experience with both elite professionals and recreational athletes. We have been doing surgery for this condition for more than 20 years at Erasmus MC and have published scientific articles on the outcomes of this treatment option.

Arthroscopic hip surgery

In cases of hip-related groin pain when conservative treatment does not give the desired improvement, an arthroscopic (keyhole) operation can be considered. Our surgeons have experience using this technique in athletes with a variety of different hip problems such as femora-acetabular impingement syndrome (FAI-S), labral tears of the hip and injury or damage to the hip joint cartilage (also called cartilage/ chondral injury).

More about the Center for Groin Injuries at Erasmus MC

Our Team

In order to ensure that our patients at the Center for Groin Injuries receive the most comprehensive care, we have established a multidisciplinary team of sports physicians, general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and radiologists, who work together to offer an optimally personalized treatment path for each patient. Our team members are:

Dr. Adam Weir (British sports medicine physician)

  • Medical coordinator of the Erasmus University Hospital Academic Centre for Groin Injuries, Rotterdam;
  • Deputy Head of Aspetar Sports Groin Pain Centre (2013-2015 ); now visiting sports physician;
  • Lead author on the Doha Agreement on terminology and Definitions in Groin Pain in Athletes;
  • Deputy Editor of the British Journal Of Sports Medicine;
  • Special interests in groin injuries, muscle injuries, tendinopathy and medial tibial stress syndrome.

Dr. Robert-Jan de Vos (non-surgical sports medicine physician)

  • Consultant Academic tendon clinic;
  • Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) youth team and SBV Excelsior football club physician.

Dr. Tom Piscaer (orthopedic surgeon)

  • Committee member European Union for Sport Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy.

Dr. Casper van Eijck (general surgeon)

  • Expert general surgeon with experience with endoscopic surgery for inguinal-related groin pain;
  • Team physician of FC Feyenoord (Dutch football club).

Dr. Gaston Franssen (general surgeon)

  • Expert general surgeon with experience with endoscopic surgery for inguinal-related groin pain.

Our Medical Expertise

Our treatment protocols are based upon the latest research findings and our clinical experience and are regularly updated according to new evidence, institutional experiences and through continuously on-going research. We use the new terminology for groin injuries as agreed upon during the international meeting in Doha, Qatar in 2014.

Our team members have been involved in various international work groups and research projects.

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